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About Dr. Rashie Brar a Dermatologist & Cosmetologist











About Dr. Bikram P.S. Brar

About Dr. Rashie Brar


Professional Qualification :

Completed the internship of the duration of one year (Jan 2000 to Dec 2000) and got the degree of MBBS in 2001 from Govt. Medical College Patiala.

Had good rapport with my teachers and friends.
Had sound clinical under standing of the disease and its management
Versed with basic surgical and medical ailments and their management protocol during internship.
Did all types of minor surgical and medical procedures during one year of internship.
Participated in Pulse Polio programme and family welfare programme during my three months of social and preventive medicine training.
Joined as Junior registrar in Pavitar Nursing Home and Maternity Center for one year (Jan 2001 to Dec 2001).
Well versed in various obstetric emergencies and gynecological procedures
Joined as Junior resident in Chandigarh Child Care Center for one year (Jan 2002 to Dec 2002.
Joined as clinical assistant with Dr. B.K. Brar, M.D. Skin for 6 months

Post Graduate Qualification :

Joined JJM, Medical College Davanagere in the course of DDVL.
During my tenure of 2 years presented the seminars on topical retioids, neurosyphillis and melaneogenesis.
Presented the topics of HIV in India, Herpes Zoster in HIV, Dermal fillers, Psoriatic arthritis etc., in journal club.
Presented a symposium an LE-etiology and Management
Did the case presentations on neuro syphilis, Rapp Hodgkin Syndrome, Oculocultaneous Albinism, Psoriasis, Multi Dermatomal H. Zoster, and Icthyosis.
Work Experience during Post graduation :
Routine Work up diagnosis, treatments documentation on routine OPD basis for the diseases like psoriasis, impetigo, LP, TB, DPN.
Handled 30 bedded indoor admissions, their work up management, drug scheduling.
Procedures done :
  • Glycolic Peel - full face and spot TCA Peel,
  • Radio frequency
  • Electrocautery
  • Intralesional steroids
  • Comedone extraction
  • SSS
  • PUVA therapy
  • Cryo
  • Skin biopsy for the relevant
  • Histopathological examination
    Details of Post Specialisation Work Experience
    Joined as in-clinic consultant of dermatology at Kaya skin clinic
    Apart from the routine dermatological cases, like psoriasis, lichen planus, tinea corporis, tinea cruris, pityriasis versicolour, pityriasis rosae, polymorphous light eruptions, systemic scerosis, insect bite reation, dermatitis artefecta; other work done in clinic includes :
  • Mesotherapy for Alopecia
  • Glycolic Peels (Neostrata) -20%,35%,50% & 70%
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Nd-Yag Laser for permanent hair reduction
  • Smooth beam Laser for Acne
  • Botox for Crow's feet, Frown Lines & Forehead Lines
  • Dermal Fillers-Perlane, Restlane & Aquamid, Esthelis
  • Electrofulgration (Radiofrquency) for removal of varrucae, DPNs, senile comedones
  • Comedone Extraction, Milia Extraction
  • Intralesional Steroids for Keloid, Alopecia Areata
  • Lactic Acid Pell
  • Skin Lightening Pell
  • Skin Brightening
  • Sali cylic Acid Peel
  • Maudelic Peel




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